About D-Club


The Damien Alumni Association Athletic Club (D-Club) is a semi-autonomous element within the Damien Alumni Association.  The D-Club serves to seek tax-deductible contributions from alumni, businesses, or philanthropic organizations to provide financial assistance to student athletes specifically attending Damien Memorial School.  Part of a successful academic environment is fielding a competitive athletic program by retaining student athletes that could not otherwise attend Damien for financial reasons.

The D-Club members will have meetings outside the normal monthly meetings of the Damien Board of Director’s to create fundraising events and organizing the distribution of the financial assistance awards that fall under the purview of the D-Club. 

Although the D-Club is semi-autonomous in regards to meetings and decisions, the Damien Alumni Association board of directors are the final governing authority in all areas of the Damien Alumni Association should a conflict arise. 

Be a part of the Damien Alumni Association Athletic Club.  All donations are tax-deductible, so make your contribution today.